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Friday, April 25, 2014

“Back then I ran with a reckless abandon in a Pontiac…”

One of our members just bought a new (to her) 1981 Pontiac Bonneville.  It’s in beautiful condition.  She’s only the second owner.  When I saw it this morning, the memories came flooding back.  I drove my parents’ 77 Bonneville Brougham in high school.  I took it with me to college.  My friends called it “The Pimp Mobile,” but they didn't seem to mind when they needed a ride, even when I made them listen to my Peter Cetera cassette tape.  Because it’s my car, dang it, and we’ll listen to whatever I want.  Good memories.

And some not so good ones.

Like the time I was stranded on I-84 and had to hike it into Cascade Locks to find a payphone.  My brother and sister-in-law just happened to drive by and hunted me down.  Apparently the fire department came while I was away to make sure my smoking engine wasn't on fire (I did cringe a little when I heard the sirens, wondering if they were for me).

Or the time we were stranded along the banks of the Klickitat River when Tim Winterstein and I went fishing.  Not only did we not catch anything, I believe it was a corroded battery cable that prevented us from moving along to another fishing hole.  Pastor Bundschuh and his daughters just happened to drive by as we were hiking into Lyle.

Or the time I had to drive with the windows down for two or three months in the winter because the heater core was shot and was exuding a nasty, sticky smoke through the vents.

Or the time I drove from Portland to White Salmon at midnight with no brakes (if my kids are ever as stupid as I was…).

The Lord is good. 

So I wish my parishioner luck with her beautiful new old car.  I hope she lets me drive it sometime.   I hope I can find my Peter Cetera cassette tape if she does.  I love cars.  I don’t know a darn thing about ‘em, but there’s just something about a man and his car… I have an inexplicable sentimental attachment to every car or truck I've owned.  I loved that Bonneville.  I hated it.  But I loved it.

And someday, when Matthew is stranded on 131 with my old Ranger, he’ll understand.     


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