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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Commemoration of Johann Gerhard, Theologian

"From now on, I cannot doubt the forgiveness of sins because it is affirmed by my partaking of the price that was offered for my sins, the very blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:19; Revelation 1:5; 5:9). From now on, I cannot doubt the indwelling of Christ because it is sealed for me in the imparting of His body and blood. From now on, I cannot doubt the assistance of the Holy Spirit because my weakness is strenthened by such a support. I do not fear the plots of Satan because this angelic food strengthens me to do battle. I do not fear the lures of the flesh because this life-giving and spiritual food strengthens me by the power of the Spirit. I eat and drink this food so Christ may dwell in me and I in Christ. The Good Shepherd will not allow the sheep, fed by His body and blood, to be devoured by the infernal wolf. He will not allow the strength of the Spirit to be overcome by the weakness of my flesh. Praise, honor, and thanksgiving to You, O kindest Savior, forever. AMEN."

--Johann Gerhard, Meditations on Divine Mercy, Matthew C. Harrison, Trans. (St. Louis: Concordia, 2003) p. 87.


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