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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thirsting for the Word

We must earnestly and diligently study the Word of God and pray not simply that we may learn to know the Will of God, but that we may be filled with it and always walk in His way and continue in it, and so seek strength and comfort.

For it is the nature of the riches of this knowledge that whoever has it has never enough and never tires of it, rather, the more and the longer he drinks of it, the more is his heart filled with joy and the more he thirsts for it, as the Scriptures say, 'whosoever drinketh of me will thirst after me all the more' (Ecclesiasticus xxiv. 21).

For, as St. Peter says, the dear angels in heaven also never tire of it but have everlasting joy in it and desire to look into what is revealed and preached to us (I Peter i. 12).

Therefore, unless we too hunger and thirst (as we ought much more than the angels) to know and to understand God's Will more perfectly until we also attain to an everlasting vision in the life hereafter, there is nothing more of it in us than a mere froth which can neither quench our thirst nor satisfy us and can neither comfort us nor make us better.

-- Martin Luther, Day by Day We Magnify Thee: Daily Readings for the Entire Year (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1985) p. 290.


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