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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Turn My Eyes From Looking At Worthless Things

Check out Pastor Love's BLOG here. It took me wayyyy too long to add it to the links. Pr. Love offers meaty theology with devotional and prayerful reflection, nailing the old sinful flesh to the wall with God's Law and bringing the new man to life by the Gospel of Christ, clearly proclaiming Christ crucified and risen for our forgiveness and eternal life. Check out especially Pr. Love's post on Psalm 119:37: "Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things." You can access it here. My favorite line: "I who have made myself worthless by my fixation of eyes and heart on those things which are worthless, have a Savior who never asked God to save Him from looking upon me. As surely as the Lord Jesus set, or fixed, His face toward Jerusalem, toward the Cross, so surely has He set and fixed His eyes upon me and all mankind that we might be saved from our own worthlessness."


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