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Friday, September 04, 2009

Children Grow Into God's Word

In honor of Christian Education, from a sermon by the Rev. William Cwirla on Mark 7:31-37:

"Every once and a while you get a little reminder of what God has been up to with His word. When a little child tells you, “Jesus loves me, and He died for me.” Or, as one parent reported, your child goes down the aisle of the grocery store singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” at the top of his lungs or reciting the Apostles’ creed for everyone to hear while you’re standing in the checkout line. The Word of God has a way of breaking through and getting in.

"I’m a firm believer in having the little ones in church, in the Liturgy. Even the littlest ones. Some people say that they are the future of the church. Jesus says they are the picture of what the church ought to look like. I know takes a great deal of patience, but it’s well worth the effort, even if it means a few squirmy Sundays. Most of us learned to pray “Our Father who are in heaven…” long before we knew what the words meant. We grew into it. St. Paul reminded Timothy of how he had been acquainted with the Scriptures since the time of his infancy, before he could read. Most things we give our children, they will grow out of all too quickly. But the Liturgy of God’s Word and the Lord’s Supper they will grow into, a little bit every week, if only we give them the chance. They learn by watching us. They learn by participating along with us. They are counting on us. They can’t do it on their own. What a awful thing it is when open ears are denied the voice of their Shepherd, or when loosed tongues have no opportunity to pray, praise, and give thanks."



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