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Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Evolutionary Leap of Faith

I read an interesting, and old, book on the creation/evolution debate over my vacation a couple weeks ago, “After Its Kind”: The First and Last Word on Evolution, by Byron C. Nelson, ironically published by Augsburg in 1930 (3rd Revised Edition – long out of print). How far Augsburg has fallen (or should one say evolved?)! As old as the book is, Nelson’s arguments are remarkably relevant for the modern debate. Many of the questions he asked of evolutionists then have yet to be answered 80 years later. As it happens, I was reading the book in tandem with the Michael Crichton novel, Next (HarperCollins, 2006), a book I also recommend as good, thought provoking fiction, even though Crichton was an evolutionist and I disagree with many of his conclusions about genetic engineering and testing (be advised about language and sexual content as well). I found the two books to be interesting conversation partners. Where Crichton assumed evolution, Nelson was asking questions about the “science” that Crichton simply took for granted.

But I digress. Here is a fun quote from Nelson:

“Evolutionists are wont to ridicule the creationists with being credulous, superstitious, able-to-believe-anything” … However, consider who is, in reality, credulous, superstitious, and able-to-believe-anything. To accept evolution as dogma “means that one must believe” for example “that the whale came out of the water where it had been a fish, became a land animal, worked for millions of years to get legs, got them, used them for millions of years, with which, perhaps, to climb trees or gallop over the dusty plains, then got tired of being a land animal, began to live near the edge of the water, turned its front legs into paddles, developed tail-flukes to act as propellers, let its rear legs hang uselessly behind until they wasted away, and finally came to exist only in the state it is in today! Does not such a course of evolution cause one to wonder at the statement of President McMurrich of the University of Toronto, ‘It seems incredible that man as a reasoning animal can presume to doubt evolution?’” (p. 65).


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