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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hymn to the Holy Trinity

Hymn of Alcuin, quoted in Johann Gerhard, Theological Commonplaces: On the Nature of God and On the Most Holy Mystery of the Trinity, Richard J. Dinda, Trans; Benjamin T. G. Mayes, Ed. (St. Louis: Concordia, 2007) p. 267:

Be present, true Light, Father, omnipotent God. Be present, Light of Light, Word and Son of God, omnipotent God. Be present, Holy Spirit, harmony of the Father and the Son, omnipotent God. Be present, one omnipotent God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We confess this faith in You, through You, of You. We confess You, one in substance, three in persons. O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, blessed Trinity, God, Lord, Paraclete; Love, Grace, Communication; Begetter, Begotten, Regenerator; true Light, true Light of Light, Illumination; the invisibly Invisible, the invisibly Visible, the visibly Invisible; Fountain, River, Watering; from whom, through whom, and in whom are all things; the living Life, the Life from the Living One, Life-Giver of the living; truthful Father, Son who is the Truth, the Spirit of Truth; one essence, one might, one goodness; God, above whom is nothing, outside of whom is nothing, and without whom is nothing; God, under whom is everything, in whom is everything, and with whom is everything: we invoke You, we worship You, we praise You. Teach us faith, stir up hope, pour in love. Amen.


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