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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On the Day of a Wedding Anniversary

Today I give thanks for my dear wife as we celebrate our third wedding anniversary. The 1951 Lutheran Book of Prayer (pp. 134-35) has this beautiful prayer on the day of a wedding anniversary:

Gracious and good Lord, today our happy hearts praise Thee as we observe again the anniversary of our wedded bliss. Thy presence in our home and lives has been a benediction which has made us a happy couple. Accept our thanks and the acknowledgements of our hearts as we come before Thee in prayer. We bow to receive from Thy bountiful hands the blessings of Thy grace.

Grant that the years which lie ahead may be enriched with the graces of Thy Holy Spirit, contentment, love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and joy.

Keep us steadfast in faith, loyal and devoted to Thee and to each other, consecrating our lives and services to Thy glorious name.

If it be that trials and sorrows come into our lives, be Thou with us with Thy helping and almighty hand that we be not crushed under the load nor doubt Thy power to help.

Today, then, be with us in Thy grace, forgiving our sins and filling our hearts with peace. Grant that the joys of the day be hallowed by Thy gracious approval, through Jesus Christ, our eternal Redeemer. Amen.


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