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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nothing More is Necessary...

While preparing for the Day of Pentecost, I ran into a great sermon by Rolf Preus. Check out the whole thing, Here is a choice quote that should be read, marked, learned, and inwardly digested by every Christian, and especially us in the Missouri Synod:

"Whenever churches set aside the pure gospel and sacraments of Jesus for something they think is more effective or more powerful they end up divided in their own confusion, just as at Babel. The true unity of the church is always God's gracious work and it is always the Holy Spirit who does this work by bringing Jesus to us by means of the purely preached gospel and the rightly administered sacraments of Christ. Those who despise the humble means of grace despise God. For God will not deal with us in any other way. He will not bring us the forgiveness of sins, peace, and faith except through these means of grace. The church is not free to choose for herself how she will receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Her Lord has already made the choice for her."

The next paragraph is good, too:

"Perhaps we wish there were something a bit more exciting than hearing the same old gospel, kneeling at the same old altar, and hearing the same old words again and again and again. But these words are never old. They make everything new. Every time we come to church hearing and singing and confessing the familiar liturgy, the Spirit of truth comes into our lives and washes away the deceit that lives within us and rises up in every kind of sin of thought, word, and deed. We come in weakness, confusion, and sin for which we can do nothing but confess to God that we are sorry. Here the Holy Spirit makes us holy. He imputes to us the righteousness of Jesus and He pours divine love into our hearts. He fills us with hope and He makes us the Communion of Saints. How could we want anything more? How could we be satisfied with anything less?"


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