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Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Pastors

I really appreciated reading the Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer's "A Word for Congregations Receiving New Seminary Grads this Spring," <>. Actually, his comments apply just as well to my ministry and my congregation today as they did the day of my ordination. Granted, I'm only a two-year old pastor now, so I'm still new. But it would seem that many of the comments Rev. Stiegemeyer makes apply throughout ministry. The only difference is that the seasoned veterans don't make newbie mistakes (though it is possible that they make a few mistakes even as veterans, isn't it?). My favorite line from Rev. Stiegemeyer's post is, "One of the things that I love about my former congregation in Pittsburgh, PA is that they were wonderfully patient with me and supportive. They had to put up with my quirks and flaws just as I had to put up with theirs. Their ceaseless kindness and grace only motivated me to try to continually improve as a pastor." The people of Epiphany continue to put up with, endure, suffer my quirks and flaws and have been nothing but patient and supportive. I am so thankful for this congregation. Dr. Senkbeil always told us that congregations who take seminary graduates have a special place in heaven. He is a wise man.

At any rate, congratulations to the pastors-elect and vicars-elect from both of our seminaries. You are in the prayers of the people of Epiphany. Thank you for the sacrifices you've made to becomes undershepherds of Christ in His Church. And thanks to Rev. Stiegemeyer for his important words.

Blessed Ascension!


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