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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday


And Jesus cried with a loud voice and yielded up His Spirit. Matthew 27, 50

After more than thirty hard years, Jesus reached the goal which had been decided upon in the eternal counsels of God, His death on the cross. No man was taking His life from Him. He was laying it down as the sin-sacrifice for the world. And He wanted all to know about it. He wanted to shout it aloud. So He asked for a drink. His throat cleared and all of His life surveyed once more from His blessed throne of the Cross, He cried out with a loud voice: "It is finished." All that He had come to do was now accomplished. The will of God for our salvation was done. the full ransom was paid. Freedom was obtained for all who were enslaved by sin, death, and the devil. Any attempt on our part to make ourselves right with God is a denial that Jesus Christ has fully accomplished all. Faith bows in reverent thankfulness before Him and owns no sweeter Gospel than the Crucified's loud cry, "It is finished."

And Jesus died as He had lived, by the Word of God, doing the will of the Father who had sent Him. "Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit." He was still praying. In His final prayer He committed His life into the hands of the Father. God is His Father again because all is finished. The Worker, the Creator, the Finisher now goes to the grave that He might break its hold on us and cause it to surrender all claim on us. Jesus knows that the end will be the beginning because He commends His Spirit into the hands of the Father. Now those hands of the Father are open to receive all who commend themselves to those hands. That makes death an invitation to entrust ourselves fully and finally into the hands of the Father. So shall we be with Christ which is by far the best for us.

Lord, help us to know our own death in Thy death that we might know ourselves as always in the Father's hands. So living and believing in Thee, we shall never die. Amen.

From William A Buege, Our Lord's Passion - for us (St. Louis: Lutheran Laymen's League, n.d.).


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