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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Marriage as Confession of Christ

Here's the last paragraph of a wedding sermon preached by my dear friend, the Rev. Timothy Winterstein (aka the North Prarie Pastor). You can read the whole sermon (which I highly recommend) at <>:

Here is both the burden and the joy of marriage. In bringing you together, God has not brought you together only for yourselves. All of these people gathered here as witnesses are evidence of that. What was not needed in the Garden of Eden and what will not be needed in the resurrection is so deeply needed in this sin-sick world: two people who are willing to show the world, lost in its fascination with adultery, extra-marital sex, pornography, and divorce, that there is a God who has something better in mind. There is a God who has given so deeply of Himself, that it cost Him His only-begotten Son. There is a God who became man in order that we might know how incredibly and unimaginably much He loves His creation, including you. In your most profound struggles as husband and wife, you will show the world by your forgiveness of one another that our stubborn sinfulness can never cause God to stop loving and being willing to forgive us. God will never divorce us. Never. In your happiest and most joyful times, you will show the world by your willing sacrifice and submission to each other, and to Christ above all, that God in Christ willingly submitted to humiliation on a cross and sacrificed Himself on our behalf. As you pray together, read the Word of God together, serve God’s people together, receive Christ’s Body and Blood together, and, God willing, bring children into this world together, God’s immense, never-ending love for you in Christ Jesus will make you, often in spite of yourselves, to be the image of that love that God intends. And, in God’s grace, you will continue to be that image until you both experience that glorious day of resurrection for which we all are waiting. There will be no divorce then. Christ the Bridegroom will permanently unite Himself with His Bride the Church, and nothing can put asunder what God has joined together.


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