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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Midnight's Another Day

In a previous life, before theology and the love of my life and our as-yet-unborn child took over, music consumed most of my time. I still love music, though today's music scene, at least on a popular-music level, has left much to be desired. But one man continues to make incredible music. It is pop-music, I suppose, but it is much more than that. I'm speaking of Brian Wilson. I'm not talking about the surfing and car songs he did with the Beach Boys. I'm talking about Pet Sounds and SMiLE, and now his most recent work, That Lucky Old Sun (A Narrative). (Incidentally, this is not an endorsement of Brian Wilson's personal theology, though there is much to be learned theologically from his music, as we will see below).

Do yourself a favor and navigate your way over to Brian's website, <>, and listen to the new sample track from That Lucky Old Sun, "Midnight's Another Day." It is heartbreaking and tragic and cathartic and healing all at the same time. It is honest. It isn't fake, like so much of pop music is today. It is the theology of the cross tempered with eschatological hope. There is hope in the new day. It dawns when we least expect it... in the darkness of midnight, in the midst of the cross and suffering. Midnight's another day.


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